Faro Arm Platinum is outstanding innovation, portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). It is ideal for forming, molding, fabricating, casting and assembly facilities needing GD&T and SPC output. Reliable instrument for verification of product quality, tool certification, CAD comparisons, reverse analysis, dimensional analysis and many more .The flexibility of Faro Arm Platinum make it useful tool to tackle multiple tasks. Shaheen Automotive manufactured Faro Arm Platinum with Laser Line Probe, its special feature that adds non-contact 3-D scanning capabilities for comprehensive measurement of surface form, making it perfect combination of contact and non-contact portable CMM.
Where to use Faro Arm Platinum
• For inspection of parts at the time of delivery, directly upon arrival using the FaroArm.

• CAD comparison Measurements captured with the Faro Arm can be compared to nominal CAD data to instantly detect deviations. Soft, deformable and complex shapes can be easily scanned to verify features, 3D surfaces and 2D cross sections

• On-machine inspection during the production process you can measure your parts directly on the machine.

• Dimensional inspection Angles, prismatic features, distances, geometric and positional tolerances are easily checked with the FaroArm and the intuitive user interface of the CAM2 Q measurement software

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